Beliefs – within a “Shared Space” and otherwise

When any two, or more, beliefs are represented on a Symbol Stone they are considered to be in a Shared Space.

Two kinds of Shared Space were discovered during the Investigations – labelled “Complementary” beliefs or “Implied Acceptance”.

  • Shared Space – Complementary Beliefs For any Stone to be designated as a Shared Space with carvings representing Complementary Beliefs there need to be carvings from different beliefs with similar or identical meanings i.e. there is correlation between them.
  • Shared Space – Implied Acceptance of Beliefs  A table summarises the output from Investigations 1 to 4 for those Stones analysed as having objects with Implied Acceptance of Beliefs. As with Complementary Beliefs, “Seemingly Non-Religious” includes Undecoded, Ogham and People/Scene types of carved objects where a belief representation or interpretation is unclear.

Click here for the PDF Beliefs – within a “Shared Space” and otherwise