Investigation 3 – Celtic + Christian

Investigation 3
Latheron, Caithness – Pictish Symbol Stone

Each of the 2 Stones in this Investigation variously has carvings of animals, birds and fish which are known to have been revered in Celtic beliefs (some may have Roman associations) – and a Christian Cross. The intent is to determine firstly whether these carvings may represent Celtic beliefs or have a Roman context (military or mythology) – or otherwise – then to assess if the meaning of a carved object is “complementary” to the Christian Cross or if the Shared Space suggests an “implied acceptance” of beliefs. There are no Pictish-Mithraic carvings on these Stones so no Mithraic context is considered. The animal, bird and fish carvings are detailed in “Carvings”; for these 2 Stones the relevant ones are – bull, dog, eagle, salmon and serpent.

Click here for the Investigation 3 PDF complete with analysis and evaluation by Stone, Observations and Conclusions.