Synopsis and Evaluation by Stone

Information gathered for each Class 2 Stone is put into context then evaluated to assess whether criteria to be considered a “transition” Stone are met.

The associated PDF provides a synopsis for each prospective Transition Stone including:-

  • Stone name
  • Site Reference
  • where found (and current location if different)
  • details of carvings
  • “strength” of relationship between Pictish-Mithraic & Christian objects (whether complementary, having “implied acceptance” or neither)
  • proximity to water
  • whether in an open or raised area
  • if at or near a church
  • any association with a Saint.

An evaluation is made on the extent of a Stone functioning as a “transition” Stone
from Mithraism to Christianity. This is based on an assessment of the relationship between Pictish-Mithraic & Christian carved objects and “features” of geographic location.

Detail is in the Synopsis and Evaluation by Stone PDF.