The Origin of Pictish-Mithraism ?

The prospective “origin” is considered in three interconnected senses – basically “who”, “when” and “where”?

This website is concerned with Pictland being the location of the Symbol Stones. However, the Stones range in location from the Orkney Islands to the Outer Hebrides, the North East of Scotland up to Caithness and down to Fife. In amongst this wide area Stones with their Symbols would surely have started somewhere specific then spread out rather than rapidly appearing across many places. A challenge was finding that initial “somewhere”.

Having discovered that the symbols on the Pictish Symbol Stones represent aspects of a form of Mithraism and that Roman Mithraism was practiced close to Pictland by Hadrian’s Wall then a contender for introducing a form of Mithraism must be people associated with the Roman Army. This sets a time frame between the first and fifth centuries CE. But who are the people – were they soldiers, auxiliaries, trades-people or others who learned about Mithraism?

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A strong case is made in this linked pamphlet for the location of the first Symbol Stones being Tillytarmont (near Rothiemay).