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A career in the telecoms industry in UK and global roles was paralleled by volunteer activities in the  engineering profession including chairmanship of the Council of the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) from 2006 to 2008. He is currently a Professional Registration Assessor for the IET.

He found that a background in engineering encouraged  logical analysis and in management encouraged  synthesis – helping to make the connections between the NJP PhotoSymbols on the Pictish Stones and the Mysteries of Mithras. Austin Macauley published  his book Pictish-Mithraism – The Religious Purpose of the Pictish Symbol Stones in 2017. The content of the author’s initial website about Pictish-Mithraism, prospective Roman origins and decodes for the “Symbols” has been absorbed into this website.

Pamphlets on specific Stones have been distributed to museums in Scotland.

The author is a Fellow of the Institution of  Engineering & Technology. His research, analyses, proposals and conclusions in this website are “independent”.

Acknowledgements & Bibliography

Family members have played a large part in this pursuit. Of special mention are my father (Jim) who maybe knew more about the Stones than he let on, my sister (Melody) as listener and initial proof reader for the initial book on Pictish-Mithraism, my elder daughter (Tara) who has asked searching questions, my younger daughter (Melody) who seems taken by the symbols and what they might mean (walking with some every day as tattoos) and my wife (Annie) who has supported me over many years of research and disappearing to the study!

Publications listed here on Pictish and Mithraic subjects plus Celtic, Roman and Christian related material from Google sites have been a learning resource. Unless otherwise stated pictures are courtesy of the Canmore website.

The author has also produced pamphlets etc. on specific locations.

The author  attests that the analysis, discussion and conclusion are wholly his own and have not been plagiarised.

British Library and The Legal Deposit Library – Printed copies based on the initial version of this website’s material were sent, in 2020, to the British Library and to the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries for the University libraries at Cambridge, Oxford and Trinity College in Dublin and the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales (and acknowledged by them). Click here for a downloadable printer’s proof.


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