Mithraic Symbols – Drawn Designs

Designs of 12 of the most frequent Carved Objects with Mithraic relevance have been drawn. Click here for the Mithraic Symbols – Drawn Designs PDF.

These drawings are © Norman J Penny.

The pages record (by location) 387, over a third, of the total number of carvings seen on Pictish Symbol Stones. 30% of these carvings are indistinct – 70% have been drawn.

Analysis of commonality of appearance has caused patterns, discrete designs and groups of designs to emerge. For example, taking “Mirror” – from the 62 carvings identified of this object, 8 are indistinct leaving 54 that have been drawn. Of these, there are two general patterns – ring and solid – and 21 designs that have been arranged into 5 groups.