Saints of Scotland – Creating a Consolidated List

With the intent to assess the likelihood of Saints having relevance in dating the “Transition” timeframe, a precursor was compiling a consolidated list of the names of Saints of Scotland – a bigger task than first thought!

Three main sources were identified for gathering names (each with varying content):-

Source A content is based primarily on a Wikipedia site at List of saints of Scotland and from links to that site plus other sources e.g. Aberdeen Breviary. It includes Saints from Scotland and those associated with, or particularly venerated in Scotland (typically those who have a Feast day recognised – perhaps celebrated – in Scotland).

Source B is a compilation of names from The Chapel of St Andrew in Westminster Cathedral, London which has a frieze with the names of Scottish Saints. Photographs of each part of the frieze were taken by the author resulting in the list of names in Source B; any omissions can be attributed to the author.

Source C is from “A Calendar of Scottish Saints” compiled by Dom Michael Barrett OSB and published in 1919. It seemingly provided the names carved on the frieze in The Chapel of St Andrew in Westminster Cathedral. Only the second edition (“revised and augmented”) printed at Fort Augustus Abbey Press in 1919 is currently available.

A Consolidated List of the Names of Saints of Scotland has been created from the contents of Source A (compiled predominantly from Wikipedia), Source B (Frieze) and Source C (Calendar). It has not been arranged alphabetically but by where each name has appeared within combinations of Sources. This arrangement is to enable Comparing and Analysing Data across Sources A, B and C.

These names are used in the first stage of Part 3Saints of Scotland – Assessing the Likelihood of their Relevance in Dating “Transition”.