Symbol Stone Objects – Numerical Analyses

Every known Pictish Symbol Stone object has been researched, recorded, given an Object name then placed into an Object Category. For those Objects that are known “symbols” the names used here are those popularly found in books on Pictish Symbol Stones and other relevant texts and websites.

The author’s survey from The Pictish Symbol Stones of Scotland, personal field visits and other sources in the bibliography showed 914 identifiable objects (as of 2015).

The Object Categories are listed in the two pages of Table A in order of number of occurrences. This approach avoids what typically becomes segregation between Class 1 and 2 Stones – all objects are considered collectively.

To find the most significant (in volume terms), those objects with 10 or more occurrences (684 in total) were further analysed. Table B lists those Objects with 10 or more occurrences.

The Top 5 objects represent 46% of the 684, the Top 10 68% and the Top 20 85%. Within the Top 5, in fact at Number 3, are Latin / Christian crosses confirming the value of not segregating by Class 1 and 2 but keeping to a single set of data to give a comprehensive overview.