Class 2 Symbol Stones – Map

The map below is courtesy of RCAHMS from the book The Pictish Symbol Stones of Scotland. It has been marked up by this author with locations of Class 2 prospective “Transition” Stones and nearby museums:-

A version of this map which can be navigated and expanded is available here.

Red stars are at the locations of Class 2 Stones (several locations have more than one Stone which aligns with the information in Synopsis and Evaluation by Stone).

Museums which are nearby very broad clusters of Class 2 Stones are shown with a blue triangle specifically Dundee (the McManus), Forfar (Meffan), Perth (Museum and Art Gallery), Aberdeen (Art Gallery), Inverness (Museum and Art Gallery), Elgin (Museum) and Portmahomack (Tarbat Discovery Centre).

Note: in the Allen and Anderson classification system Class 2 Stones have Christian Crosses with Pictish Symbols and other carved objects. Two Stones – Latheron and Mortlach – are shown as Class 2 on the map in the RCAHMS book. Each has a Cross and other carvings but no Pictish Symbols. Therefore, they are not Class 2 as such and are not included in the marked up locations above.

By far the largest “cluster” is in the catchment area of Dundee, Forfar and Perth. Potential reasons for this will be considered alongside Locations of Class 1 and 2 Stones.