Pictish Symbol Stones – Objects by Location

Having identified all the carved objects and their physical locations, the next step was to list the objects by location. This became a key source for detailed research.

Each Object was rolled up into a relevant Object Category. For example, the Object Category of “V-Rod, Crescent” comprises these carved Objects – V-Rod & Crescent, Crescent alone, Double crescent, V-Rod & horseshoe (arch) and Notched crescent.

Listed in order by number of objects, this is the set of Object Categories:-

V-Rod, Crescent; Fantastic Beast / Creature; Z-Rod, Double Disc; People; Rounded Shape; Cross – by style; Animal; Mirror; Pictish “beast”, elephant; Angular shape; Comb; Bird; Mirror Case; Script; Fish; Serpent; Plant; Implement, device; Angel; Biblical Story; Cup Marking; Bosses on Cross. This demonstrates the wide range of objects carved on the Stones. Detail is in Analysis – all Symbol Stones Objects.

This PDF has the complete record of Pictish Symbol Stones – Objects by Location.