Saints of Scotland – Assessing their Influence in Dating “Transition”

Having created a Consolidated List of Saints Names the next step is to explore the influence these Saints might have had in the transition to Christianity from the, then, current belief. From that there is a prospect of dating the Transition Timeframe.

Part 3 is in 3 Stages –

This Stage A Information shows the general layout for the assessment pages.

Stage A – where the Overall Likelihood of Relevance is indicated as Plausible, Possible or Unlikely for each Saint’s Name in the context of prospective dating of a “Transition” timeframe assessed against each of these 3 Key Factors:-

1) any recorded association with a Class 2 Stone (from the Pictish Symbol Stones website).

2) any ecclesiastical connection (from Sources A, B and C or other information e.g. from Wikipedia pages).

3) timeframe for active dates (mainly from Sources A, B and C). Information about dates for Saints varies from both date of birth and date of death, date of death only to just century.

Stage B is a Short-List of “Plausible” Names in the context of this investigation produced from Stage A. This reduces from 134 the number of Saints to be further considered to 71.

Stage C gives examples of “prospective influence” including comments on those Saints in the Stage B Short-List.

From the content of Stage C the prospective influence of Saints on a Transition Timeline is further considered in Part 5 – the outcome to this investigation.