Symbol Stones near Roman Army Establishments

Two broad geographic areas in North East Scotland have both Roman army establishments and examples of Pictish Symbol Stones:-

1 Superimposed on an existing map of what is known as the Gask Ridge which has so-called Glen Blockers (described in Wikipedia pages) are Roman army establishments from Battledykes (directly west of Montrose) to Strageath (south west of Perth). Added to this map are locations of Class 1 Symbol Stones. There is a low correlation between a Roman presence and the early Symbol Stones for this geography.

2 Locations of Class 1 Symbol Stones have been added to a map marked up with Roman army establishments between Muiryfold (north east of Keith) and Kintore (south of Inverurie). In this geography there is a higher concentration of Class 1 Stones near to Roman establishments than anywhere else. The large establishments at Muiryfold and Kintore (aka Deer’s Den) are from the Severan period. Several others are Agricolan, some having been re-used in Severan times.

Detail is in two PDFs – Battledykes to Strageath and Muiryfold to Kintore. The outcome of the analyses regarding proximity between Roman army establishments and Symbol Stones feeds into the website page that considers who may have established the earliest Class 1 Stones.